Storage Services are most useful if you are in the stages of deciding the right place to move in where you have relocated. Sometimes when you are about to relocate moving in person becomes more important and you want to leave moving your household goods for another day. At times you have not been able to find a place where you have relocated suitable to your present home where you can arrange some of your household goods need that extra space. Sometimes you do not want to carry all your belongings to the new location and will wish to leave some of the belongings at a safe and secure place as you are likely to find little use for them.

Moving and storage companies provide you the facility to hold and store your household goods at a small monthly rate of rent till you want them either to move to your new destination or keep it safe till you need them. Moving and storage companies ensure your household appliances, fixtures, furniture are stored safely till you want them to be moved. Whether you want them to secured from extremes of climate and kept in an enclosure which can provide climate controlled environment, insured or saved from chipping and pilferage, moving and storage companies guarantee that the items remain intact to be useful for your future use where you want to relocate.

Beacon Moving can provide efficient storage services to keep your belongings secure and safe for a reasonable fee charged at a monthly rate. The moving company offers temporary or long-term storage of home or office furniture and equipment. The storage services company provides several options of storage facilities for you to choose at convenience. The rates of the fee charged for the storage depend upon your shipment size.

The Moving and storage services company can provide corporate relocation services without even allowing your company to lose a productive day of the employee. The moving company understands your need to have a smooth, seamless transition for your employees during relocation.

Over 3 million square feet of state-of-the-art facilities that provides storage security to more than 20,000 customers annually.

Convenient storage locations in Manhattan, Queens and New Jersey.

A variety of storage options such as:

•    Mini-Storage
•    Warehouse Storage
•    Document Storage
•    Wine Storage
•    Art Storage
•    Secure, clean, well-lit, temperature controlled facilities.
•    Free parking
•    Free round-trip car service on your first visit.

Beacon Moving  & Storage is insured, licensed and bonded by the moving company.


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