Long Distance Moving Company

Long Distance Moving Company

What is a national or long distance moving?

A national or long distance move qualifies as an interstate relocation within the mainland of the United States that is above a 50-mile radius from your originating location.

Looking for long distance residential or long distance house move! A long distance apartment move or long distance residential relocation will require more of better planning and organization of the move. You will require moving and packaging services of an experienced and reliable moving company and an affordable quote within your allocated move budget. In 2010 and 2011 we are recognized as New York City’s best long distance moving company.

Long Distance moving will require:

Secure padding of house and apartment’s items to ensure that its not chipped or damaged during the move in the transport or while loading and unloading of the items.
Listed inventory of your items in the long distance move via numbered stickers.

Copy of the inventory list loaded on the move shared before the move starts.

Loading on the long distance Move requires proper care and necessary precautions.  All heavy furniture and boxes will be loaded onto the bottom of the truck on the move.
All light weight furniture and boxes will be loaded on top of the truck on the move.

Unlike your local moving, you get charges for long distance move vary on distance rather than on the number of hours required to pack and move your house or apartment’s items. You are billed on the distance of relocation, on the materials used, as well as packing and unpacking of boxes if needed.
Long distance moving service provided by Beacon includes relocation, moving & packing and storage with due liability insurance coverage. You are assured of being compensated from the reliable and experience movers.

Beacon provides the long distance move with a friendly door-to-door service that can reduce the discomfort and make your house or apartment moving hassle free.

All Experienced Beacon Moving  & Storage is insured, licensed and bonded moving company.

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